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2007 Oscar Governor's Ball Preview

Many are surprised when they find out their favorite radio station didn’t go away… it just moved! WSJT Smooth Jazz still broadcasts on free radio. Instead of 98.7-HD1, we now broadcast at 98.7-HD2.

Don’t have a HD Radio yet?
It’s time to upgrade. By now, you’ve probably upgraded to a HDTV. Well wait til you hear how great Smooth Jazz sounds in HD Radio! You can get a HD Radio for as little as $50 at Best Buy!

Other ways to listen to WSJT Smooth Jazz
You can also hear us by listening online at OR on your iPhone or Android with the FREE app!

Show your love for WSJT Smooth Jazz
We’d love to keep you posted on upcoming Tampa Bay area jazz festivals and news. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook!

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