Miami Man Arrested For Using Fix A Flat As A Butt Booster

This is just insane!!  A 30 year old man was recently arrested in Miami for injecting a woman in the butt with a concoction of bizarre substances… She paid him $700 for the “butt boost” that took place in his home!

What was in the butt boost special?

Cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator and sealant!!

The woman received the injection in May of 2010 and ended up in the hospital with some pretty severe complications.  She survived and brought her case to the police who have ust now made an arrest.

OK, clearly the guy was wrong for doing this without proper licensing or materials, etc… but what an idiot this woman was too… I’m sorry but when you are so concerned with having a nicer looking butt you will go to some random dude’s house and let him inject you with whatever… you kinda deserve what you get for being that stupid!!!!

Click here to see a picture of the man who was arrested… No word on whether or not his butt was full of fix-a-flat… and YES, according to the news story the picture you see is of the MAN who committed the crime!

OMG – Click here to see a side view of the person who gave the injection… A transgender man living as a woman… with a HUGE booty.  Police suspect she’s been injecting herself and may have done it to others too embarrassed to come forward!


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