American Idol Smackdown: Adam Lambert vs. David Cook

The American Idol hit machine keeps churning out great music. Season 7 winner David Cook has a new single out called “Fade Into Me.” Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert just released “Better Than I Know Myself.”

Listen to both songs and pick your favorite!

Congratulations to David Cook for pulling out the win! Clearly both songs have strong support – this was the most voted on battle of the new songs feature we’ve done in 6 months! We’ve forwarded the results to our Music Director. Thanks to all who voted!


One Comment

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    1. Jen says:

      Love, love, love Adam Lambert’s BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF!!!!!!!!

    2. reyhan says:

      love love love………adam lambert better than……..

  2. Annie says:

    Two of my favourite guys….Both are amazingly talented and all around nice guys.

    Love both songs….

  3. Carla says:

    Adam Lambert is the most talented, charismatic, stylish and sexy contestant Americal Idol has ever had. And his new song is a hit for sure! Love it!

  4. Rhett says:

    While I like Cook, Lambert is the winner for me. Nobody can sing like he does and this new single is perfection!

  5. tess4ADAM says:

    I voted for ADAM … his Voice is so crystal clear … every note Perfection. As I listened to David’s song … I could imagine ADAM singing it while putting his own spin on it. To me … ADAM is a Genius!! I’d rather listen to him sing than any other artist … past OR present!!


  6. Like both, Cook’s just a touch more than Lambert’s. But I wouldn’t change the dial on either.

    1. glamity58 says:

      That’s the spirit. Let’s support both guys cuz they deserve it. I’m sick of these auto–tuned artists like Britney, Justin and Rhianna. These guys deserve to get noticed.

  7. tess4ADAM says:

    My vote goes to ADAM … Better Than I Know Myself … I LOVE ADAM’s VOICE!!

  8. David’s song is absolutely beautiful and so is every song on the album it’s on!!

  9. Anna says:

    I like Cook and I like Fade into Me, it is a beautiful song. However Adam’s song just grabs me more. His voice is so vulnerable and real. The hook is tremendous, I find myself humming it quite a bit and the chorus gets in my head. David’s song doesn’t really stay with me but it is a really good quality song. I also like the 70’s quality of the video. I am really looking forward to Adam’s video for BTIKM.

  10. “Not crazy about either” ???? Are the two who voted this Kris Allen’s and David Archuleta’s remaining fans?

  11. theo says:

    I do like both (guys & songs) very much but I’m gonna vote Adam bcuz I want to hear his new song on da radio… please 🙂

  12. cheyennew says:

    These are my two favorite Idol contestants. I love Dave’s rough, velvet tones, and this song suits it, and is not diminished by the music, as with his first album (Adam’s, too). I hope it is a hit for him. Because of him, I went to my first Idol concert. Love him.

    Adam’s song is stellar, as is his voice. The song has so much variety within it, low key, then clear, high wailing chorus. The lyrics are really wonderful-they tell such a story, and Adam is able to emote so well when he sings. I have to go with Adam, although I sincerely hope both songs are hits.

  13. paaammy says:

    No one ever forgets their first love, and I just HATE when Adam is up against David. I adore David, but Adam is everything. Have to go with him. 🙂

  14. Shirlleyyoujest says:

    I have to agree that both of these guys are unbelievable vocalists, and these are both great songs. But in the end the simplicity of Fade into Me, and the beautiful tone of David Cook’s voice just grabs me a little bit more.

    But yeah, I hope both songs get the chance they deserve on radio play. What a novelty, pop singers who can actually sing. 🙂

  15. glamity58 says:

    I do like David Cook and I hate comparing. But Lambert has the vocals that are unlike any other and the showmanship. Gotta vote for him. It’s wierd how he was at 57% last night and all of a sudden just went down. How does that happen? I think these polls are silly, but I’ll vote anyway. Gotta support a guy who deserves to finally make it in this awful boring music industry.

  16. Jov says:

    Voted for David as I both love Fade Into Me and him.

  17. Rita says:

    There is no voice that can beat Adam Lambert’s, and that is the truth.

    1. April says:

      In your opinion, not mine.

  18. I voted for Adam Lambert!!

  19. kitty says:

    There is simply no voice as beautiful as Adam Lambert’s

  20. Dan says:

    Lambert wins! Song is stellar pop song.

  21. David should so win!! I hate Adam! i love you david. your so much more talented n sexy!!

    1. andy says:

      Hate is a very strong word. I’m sure David wouldn’t be very proud of you for saying that!I
      I like both guys but Adam is # 1 for me!!

  22. somebody says:

    glamberts dont curr. glamberts got multiple radio polls to vote on. DC is great but not relevant on radio and never has been. keep voting. have it. glamberts dont curr. btikm still wins.

    1. Sam says:

      “DC is great but not relevant on radio and never has been.”

      Guess that’s why Cook’s music is still played on the radio after 3 years.

  23. barbls says:

    I finally get it. You are not going to make this a fair fight. We were up to 57% and you have made it clear you don’t want us to win this. So be it. We are done playing this game!! Glambert’s are not in this anymore!! I love your station, but understand we are not meant to win this. With greatest respect!!!

  24. barbls says:

    Manipulation of votes is the key word. I am sure the station gets exactly what I mean as true voting did not have a chance!! What a sad radio world we live in!

    1. Stinger says:

      I noticed that too……so I stopped voting…

  25. Adam turns me into a pool of glitter. His voice is so rich and mellow and stirs my soul. This song just keeps playing in my head and it’s so addicting. David Cook is also a great performer and I liked his song, enjoyed nit in the moment, but it doesn’t play over in my head like Better Than I Know Myself. I anticipate his clear, hifh noted and love the lyrics that apply to everyone.

  26. barbs says:

    You must see how ridiculous the results you are displaying are!!! Manipulation is so unworthy if this station!!

  27. mcjllane says:

    I love David Cook’s Fade Into Me. He is definitely the best idol ever. I love his voice. I love his music. He’s a very kind-hearted person. He’s a beautiful person inside and out.

  28. Adamaralambert says:

    no matter who wins! Adam is the best <3<3

  29. foozhan says:

    ADAM LAMBERT is the best!who cares about cook?

  30. Both talented great guys, Adam is my favorite.

  31. wismiss3 says:

    I vote for the wonderful, Adam Lambert, greatest singer of our time!

  32. Sasha says:

    I choose ADAM! Always!

  33. JenBen says:

    Adam Lambert has moved on from American Idol. Have polls against the other idols; they are the ones who are struggling to make it.

  34. Victoria Perez says:

    ADAM is always no.1 in my soul<3 I Love Him & I wish to see him real bad!

  35. Honeygirl says:

    Adam Lambert is a GREAT talent! Gorgeous voice!

  36. Dera says:

    98.7 since you got plenty of hits from both artists’ fans how about playing both songs on your radio cause both songs are way better than the Top 40 songs we hear every 5 minutes on our radios. We use the products you advertise on your site. Thanks for playing Whataya Want From Me right now!

  37. glamity58 says:

    I think Lambert is just on too many polls and he dropped unusually fast in this one, so we’re all going to the numerous other polls, including international ones. All the voting on this doesn’t seem to help.

    1. MeAgain says:

      I have to agree. David Cook is on one poll (this poll) and Adam is on like 20-30 other polls. Glamberts just can’t keep up with all of these. But anyway – PLAY BOTH SONGS PLEASE.

  38. atomom says:

    I believe Adam has the better song that just grabs you emotionally and lingers in my soul and heart it’s so moving and catchy, David’s six month old song that was released as a single two months ago is almost indistinguishable from the other songs in the album–the same vibe and in your face sound, regardless of the emotion. The winner of this competition may not be the better of the two just because it loses credibility if quality of song or singing is not a criteria.
    Nothing against David, but I against a formidable Adam, he fades, and Adam shines

    1. OnlyMe says:

      Did you listen to the song? FIM sounds like none of the other songs on the album. In your face sound? Huh? This is a very understated song.

  39. zeinab gh says:

    ….<3…JUST ADAM LAMBERT…<3…..

  40. If Cook will win and you won’t play Adam’s song 98.7 FM. I wouldn’t lisen you station and I live next to Tampa. You hear me 98.7 FM?

  41. Shannon says:

    Like them both, but if I had to pick a winner it would be ‘Fade Into Me.” I just love David Cook’s voice on this song! A note to Adam’s fans: Is it so hard to believe that Cook fans are voting for Cook just as you are voting for your fav? (They’re both in lots of polls, and both have lots of fans! When the word gets out, the poll results can change rapidly in either direction). Not sure why you would accuse the station of rigging the vote as soon as Adam is not in the lead. That just makes you sound silly. Both guys deserve better from their fans. They’re both great artists — and hopefully the station will start playing more of their songs than so much of the auto-tune pop that’s out there now. These guys can really sing! Good luck to both 🙂

    1. barbls says:

      Because no one goes from 57% to nothing. Adam has a stronger international fan base and they tried all last night to vote and each time they did the numbers went lower. You figure it out!! I do not believe that Cook’s fans stayed up 24 hours voting for David. No this station is manipulating the votes. The DJ is a David Cook Fan. Why these songs are pitted against each other is another clue. Adam’s song has not reached airplay on Radio, while Cook’s has been out there for months. This whole poll is one manipulation after another and all to get Cook airplay!! so be it. I like David Cook, but do not like what they continually do to Adam and these rigged games!!

      1. Shannon says:

        With all respect, Adam was not at 57% last night. I heard he was as high as 57% earlier yesterday, and good for Adam’s fans for jumping on the poll so quickly. More Cook fans started voting yesterday as they heard about the poll… and I know that when I checked in yesterday evening they were neck and neck. And yes, I’m sure that lots of Cook fans voted late last night since it’s a weekend. I totally know what you mean though, as I voted for the first time late Friday night and was disappointed to see Cook’s numbers drop as I voted — so frustrating. But there were just more of Adam’s fans voting at that time. Anyway, the poll isn’t even over yet! The good news is that both guys have a big base of dedicated fans 🙂 Even though I’d like to see “Fade Into Me” win, I like Adam’s music and personality and I won’t think it’s rigged if he wins. Wish they had pitted them both against people we don’t like – ha!

      2. OnlyMe says:

        David also has a very strong international fan base. I saw a Lambert fan telling others how to get around the one vote rule, but Cook fans are cheating. LOL It’s all manipulation anyway because the stations don’t play what we want to hear anyway. They play what they *have* to play according to TPTB, who only want us to hear repetitive, inane, auto-tuned crap.

    2. allison says:

      yeah this talk of the poll being rigged is silly. its not rigged, Cook fans are simply using bots.

      don’t even begrudge them that, both of these guys are well deserving of radio play and it sucks that either fanbase has to jump through hoops to get them considered. Why doesn’t US radio just give them a chance and let the people decide? Can’t fit then in with all the ‘staples’? I like Daughtry, but everything he farts out is all over the radio no matter how disinterested the general public are. When you look at the difference between sales/airplay for IIHY & September you realise how truly unreflective radio is of peoples actual taste! IIHY sold double the amount on half the airplay.

      1. Mark says:

        Sorry to inform you allison but Cook fans don’t use bots. Check out your own Adam timeline on twitter.

  42. marina says:

    thanks God for David Cook voice.

  43. Kelly says:

    I do prefer David’s song, but that’s just my preference. I hadn’t heard Adam since Idol- though thought he was fantastic on the show! These guys are both amazing musicians 🙂 I hope they both get airplay cuz they knock the pants off of several artists that I am sick of hearing.

  44. karen says:

    Before Adam came along, David Cook was my favorite Idol. I still love his voice. However, the problem with David Cook’s SONGS is that the ones they choose as singles all sound the same. I find this same problem with Daughtry’s music, even though I have always loved Daughtry’s voice, as well. (I call this problem “The John Cougar Mellencamp Syndrome”)! Adam, on the other hand, has a phenomenal voice AND the ability to sing any genre of song and mix it up, so his songs always sound so unique and original. That’s ultimately what makes me choose Adam over the others and makes me choose this song.

  45. julia says:

    So bored of David Cook’s song. Adam’s singing is so beautiful and current ! LOVE IT ! LOVE ” BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF”

  46. RedRoseQueen1 says:

    ADAM LAMBERT now, tomorrow & FOREVER! Best voice, stage presence, BEST EVERYTHING! Polls don’t matter. TICKET SALES, radio requests and REAL TALENT matter!

  47. For me, Adam has it all. He has a beautiful voice, charisma, intelligence and a kind heart. Go Adam!!! Already pre-ordered his new album Tresspassing 🙂

  48. Jen says:

    I love David Cook’s Fade Into Me. Love it. Adam has a lot of talent, I just happen to prefer Cook’s style.

    Yes, there are a lot of Cook fans voting. Yes, David does have international fans especially in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

    1. Karin says:

      I’m from Peru, and like David. He has a lot of talent.

  49. Salley says:

    Regardless of what Adam fans think, David has many international fans. Maybe just maybe they vote at night when the US sleeps. Duh. Just because David was not pushed overseas like Adam was doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fans.

    Cook doesn’t need your “they just manipulate the numbers so he can win” pity. He’s an amazing singer/songwriter in his own right.

    1. Dugan says:

      Late to the Fiesta, just heard about this. Two talented dudes, two different styles, but I’m going with Cook, prefer his voice and his music. Heard this “Fade Into Me” in Ohio, totally unplugged. Voice just filled the venue, with no amps. Killer.

      Now I want to hear it on internet radio, so I’ll vote.

      Nobody has to stay up. Fans just have to know there’s a poll. Cook has fans in both hemispheres, and all the time zones. Salley has it right.

    2. Holly says:

      I don’t know about the first album, but he wasn’t pushed overseas b/c he didn’t sell there the first time around. His sound is just not commonly played on any of the big international markets, save perhaps Germany. Cook is my favorite and he accomplished so much in the US, and Adam is my second favorite and he had more success internationally.

      That being said, the issue wasn’t that the % changed so much, it’s that despite voting, some fans saw no increase. Joint voting efforts like a good number of people saw no numbers change. So Glamberts stopped voting all together. Both these guys are amazing. I prefer David’s FIM over Adam’s single, so that’s what I voted for, but I saw the numbers halt despite friends’ efforts. I think fault lies with the poll/radio station and not with fans of either group.

      I hope both songs are played even more! Both these guys deserve to be successful just on sheer talent.

      1. Mark says:

        Cook wasn’t pushed with the first album either but yet he still has international fans.

      2. Amy says:

        So Cook is winning because Lambert fans quit voting? Hahahaha!!! Is it so hard for Glamberts to believe that anyone else has fans and don’t particularly like Lambert’s music? I guess not.

  50. Jazmin says:

    ///////// DDDDDDDDD ///////// W W ###
    //// //// D D //// //// I I I I ===
    //// //// D D //// //// L L L L ###
    //// //// D D //// //// D D D D ===
    //// //// D D //// //// W W W W ###
    ////#####//// D D ////#### //// I I I I ===
    //// //// D D //// //// L L L L ###
    //// //// D D //// //// D D D D ===
    //// //// D D //// //// W W W W
    //// //// D D //// //// I I I I $$$
    //// //// DDDDDDDDD //// //// L L L $$$

  51. Someone Else says:

    Any Adam fans claiming that the poll is rigged need to get a grip. Not everything that Adam loses is rigged. No one’s using bots; no one is rigging the poll. I personally just like David’s songs better. Both guys have great voices, no one is denying that. But, honestly, I can barely hear Adam’s voice behind all of the various layers of the song. Not a bad song, but I like David’s better.

  52. David Cook is what American Idol Is all about. He’s it for me and the song Fade Into Me is a beautiful song he co wrote.

  53. andy says:

    These polls are useless! What does anyone gain from them?? Nothing!! All they do is pit fans against each other, because they think their guy is the best. I am a fan of Davids but not as big of a fan as I used to be. His songs are all starting to sound the same to me. I’m a big fan of Adams but there are songs on his last cd that I didn’t care for either. It’s all about the music!!

    1. Jackie says:

      Geez Andy, lighten up! We’re voting because the station will announce the winner and we want our guy’s song to be announced as the winner. It’s what fans do. Fans support. Doesn’t make us not like the other fans. No different than sports — passionate fans are everywhere! No biggie that you don’t like either song, but maybe you should go find something you do like and support it. Or not.

  54. plumcomm says:

    I’ve been voting and voting to no avail. Don’t know what’s happening here but I do know Adam’s got my vote. All my votes. Adam and his voice transcend all polls, surveys and ratings. He is and will always be the winner. His upcoming CD, Trespassing, dropping March 20, will knock the roof off the music industry.

    1. jfree says:

      You don’t know what’s happening here? One word: Math.

  55. Persian glambert(shila) says:

    I Love ADAM and also his new song, I can’t wait for his new albume

  56. I don’t believe that David Cook fans would lower themselves to cheating. We believe in our guy and just want the best for him. David is very humble and honest and would be hurt to think his fans were cheating to get him ahead. David fans just want his music played on the radio and are doing what we can to help make that happen. David Cook ♥

  57. Angela says:

    Adam Lambert of course! ❤

  58. ElnaZ says:

    i looooooooooooooove Adam lambert’s better than i know my self
    it’s amazing .
    oh he is my favorite single 😡

  59. Kimiya says:

    Just ADAM !!!!!!

  60. Alex Maison says:

    David Cook has an amazing voice O:
    But sorry boy ,this girl is in love with Adam 😉

  61. Kimiya says:

    Just ADAM !!!

  62. Carla says:

    ADAM LAMBERT!!! His talent, sexiness and charm are just mind boggling. Not to mention his new song “Better Than I Know Myself” which is going to be a hit for sure!!

  63. Win or lose this or any other poll … ADAM has my vote .. my LOVE .. and will always have my UNconditional Support … ADAM’s Vocals on Better Than I Know Myself are Superb … his voice is not lost as someone here erroneously posted. The song is Beautiful and ADAM’s new album TRESPASSING will be a Masterpiece!! AND … BTW … I happen to LIKE David’s song also … just not his rendition but that’s JMO … I prefer ADAM’s VOICE!!

  64. i really hope you play David Cook’s “Fade Into Me” on the radio….it’s a beautiful song and he has an incredible voice! Thank you!

  65. Glamgirl says:

    Adam Lambert! No Doubt!

    1. Dugan says:

      So what happens next? Seems like the station would have played the AL song anyway, win or lose. Hope all these hits and comments for the site voting for David Cook aren’t just to get one play of “Fade Into Me”; seems a lopsided benefit. Talented artist, killer voice, excellent song, people who want to hear it enough to give the site all these hits. Worth more than one play.

  66. Nosra says:

    I don’t think this poll is legit. I just know that Adam’s name is mentioned over 120 times on this site and Cook’s name is mentioned by 90. Going by these numbers Adam is a winner. This station is in Florida and voting results are always altered in this state. Remember the 2000 presidential election!

  67. David Cook’s Fade Into Me = Magic. Definitely the better one.

  68. Love the love for both these amazing vocalists and talent. Plus they seem to be outstanding individuals and have some class-act fans. I loved David first. When Adam was on, he was my clear choice for idol. But I am a Cook fan, first and foremost, and as with many of you are for these two guys who inspire loyalty, a fan for life!

  69. mj says:

    Love David’s voice and his songwriting. Granted, Adam has amazing range and a style of his own. Unfortunately, not crazy about this particular song of Adams’ … too familiar sounding and I am not hearing his uniqueness in it. So I have to go with Cook cuz Fade Into Me has everything.

  70. nerida says:

    hermoso precioso adorable todavía canta como un angel

  71. Congrats to David Cook and to his fans. I look forward to hearing Fade Into Me on this station a lot. Thanks 98.7!!!

  72. nerida says:

    el mejor e incomparable Adam muahhhhhhh eres el mejor

  73. Janna says:

    Fade Into Me is simply lovely. I sure wish you would play it often on your station.

  74. nerida says:

    el mejor siempre Adam hermosa cancion me encanta

  75. Yay! I’m so glad David’s “Fade Into Me” won!! Fantastic song! I hope this means we’ll be hearing it on 98.7 a lot now!! 🙂

  76. Amber says:

    Congrats to David Cook and his devoted fans. I voted HARD on this poll for Adam but Cook is definitely a talented guy and a class act. I hope his new single does well.

  77. Dan says:

    Happy to see David Cook won this little contest. He really is highly underrated and am not sure why since he is so talented. I feel like he is snubbed for some reason maybe because he WON AI? That’s too bad but he def has a large following and after all true talent will always win out. I think he will be around for a long time. Some and others might be making a big splash for a short bit but this dude will prevail.

    I think Adam is talented but there are many like him out there now and to me his music is the same as everything else out there that is constantly pimped.

    Good luck to them both in future.

    So when do we hear Fade Into Me Played on the Station? Looking forward to hearing it.

    1. Amen to your words, Dan. Amen!!

  78. sparkle0924 says:

    Adam had my vote during his season and he definitely has the greater vocals but David has his heart in every song (and passionately with FIM) so I definitely voted for David. Since seeing and hearing him, i’ve become Season 7 Idol fan for life. Sorry Adam.

    1. LAH says:

      i don’t get it when people say one singer has heart or is more passionate about their music than the other – how does anyone know that? Adam named his album ‘Trespassing” because he is letting his fans into his life to see both sides of himself. Adam is an open book with his fans and is not afraid of putting his feelings out there. David is great but choosing his song for the reason you stated seems a bit ingenious. Like a song/singer for whatever reason but there is no way either of us can know how much heart or passion a singer put into a song.

  79. Finn Rowan says:

    David Cook’s song is gorgeous! When can we hear it on your station???

  80. David Cook won where is his song Fade into Me. You suppose to PLAY THE WINNER!!!!!!!!

  81. LAH says:

    Both guys are talented, but I’m an Adam fan all the way and I love BTIKM. Unfortunately, I think this poll became more of a fan contest vice a contest between two songs. Plus, Adam Lambert fans were also busy voting in two other polls and so their efforts were not concentrated on this one poll. Success to both guys.

    1. Dugan says:

      Voting on two other polls? So were Cook fans…two others at the least. Maybe not the same ones – IDK. There are always Vanity Polls out there to get hits for various sites, and since fans vote on them, they are always going to be fan contests between musical preferences. Way it goes.

      My preference is always going to be Cook. His voice, and his music.This one dangled a carrot of radio play for the winner, that made a difference to people who seldom deal in vanity polls. Like me.

      Speaking of, when is that Radio Play for the winner supposed to happen? Anyone know? People are watching and waiting.

  82. Mozhgan Lambert says:

    I’m crazy about him!!!! He;s so PERFECT! When i see him, I forget every thing!!!!!
    Adam I LUV U sooooooooooooooo much like other teens in Iran!

    1. SADAF says:

      I’m crazy about him too!!!He means everything to me!!I have all of his posters and photos on the wall of my room!!:) I always think about him at everywhere like school,house and gym!!! I think he is a part in my life.I can’t live without him.I think his voice is so strong and no one in men has this kind of voice.He is so special and he makes me to forget every problems that i have in Iran.ADAM i love you till i die!:):):X:X:X

  83. mlika says:

    adam is the best he is perfect every body know that

  84. sara says:

    justtttttttttt adaaaaaaaaaaam

  85. nilofar says:

    adam you are my love.i like u baby.kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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