American Idol Smackdown: Adam Lambert vs. David Cook

The American Idol hit machine keeps churning out great music. Season 7 winner David Cook has a new single out called “Fade Into Me.” Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert just released “Better Than I Know Myself.”

Listen to both songs and pick your favorite!

Congratulations to David Cook for pulling out the win! Clearly both songs have strong support – this was the most voted on battle of the new songs feature we’ve done in 6 months! We’ve forwarded the results to our Music Director. Thanks to all who voted!

  • Netmeg99♥ (@Netmeg99_)


    • Jen

      Love, love, love Adam Lambert’s BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF!!!!!!!!

    • reyhan

      love love love………adam lambert better than……..

  • Annie

    Two of my favourite guys….Both are amazingly talented and all around nice guys.

    Love both songs….

  • Carla

    Adam Lambert is the most talented, charismatic, stylish and sexy contestant Americal Idol has ever had. And his new song is a hit for sure! Love it!

  • Olivia


  • Rhett

    While I like Cook, Lambert is the winner for me. Nobody can sing like he does and this new single is perfection!

  • tess4ADAM

    I voted for ADAM … his Voice is so crystal clear … every note Perfection. As I listened to David’s song … I could imagine ADAM singing it while putting his own spin on it. To me … ADAM is a Genius!! I’d rather listen to him sing than any other artist … past OR present!!


  • Brandon Bishop

    Like both, Cook’s just a touch more than Lambert’s. But I wouldn’t change the dial on either.

    • glamity58

      That’s the spirit. Let’s support both guys cuz they deserve it. I’m sick of these auto–tuned artists like Britney, Justin and Rhianna. These guys deserve to get noticed.

  • tess4ADAM

    My vote goes to ADAM … Better Than I Know Myself … I LOVE ADAM’s VOICE!!

  • Kelly B. (@mainedcfan1)

    David’s song is absolutely beautiful and so is every song on the album it’s on!!

  • Anna

    I like Cook and I like Fade into Me, it is a beautiful song. However Adam’s song just grabs me more. His voice is so vulnerable and real. The hook is tremendous, I find myself humming it quite a bit and the chorus gets in my head. David’s song doesn’t really stay with me but it is a really good quality song. I also like the 70’s quality of the video. I am really looking forward to Adam’s video for BTIKM.

  • Candice Leigh

    “Not crazy about either” ???? Are the two who voted this Kris Allen’s and David Archuleta’s remaining fans?

  • theo

    I do like both (guys & songs) very much but I’m gonna vote Adam bcuz I want to hear his new song on da radio… please :)

  • cheyennew

    These are my two favorite Idol contestants. I love Dave’s rough, velvet tones, and this song suits it, and is not diminished by the music, as with his first album (Adam’s, too). I hope it is a hit for him. Because of him, I went to my first Idol concert. Love him.

    Adam’s song is stellar, as is his voice. The song has so much variety within it, low key, then clear, high wailing chorus. The lyrics are really wonderful-they tell such a story, and Adam is able to emote so well when he sings. I have to go with Adam, although I sincerely hope both songs are hits.

  • paaammy

    No one ever forgets their first love, and I just HATE when Adam is up against David. I adore David, but Adam is everything. Have to go with him. :)

  • Shirlleyyoujest

    I have to agree that both of these guys are unbelievable vocalists, and these are both great songs. But in the end the simplicity of Fade into Me, and the beautiful tone of David Cook’s voice just grabs me a little bit more.

    But yeah, I hope both songs get the chance they deserve on radio play. What a novelty, pop singers who can actually sing. :)

  • glamity58

    I do like David Cook and I hate comparing. But Lambert has the vocals that are unlike any other and the showmanship. Gotta vote for him. It’s wierd how he was at 57% last night and all of a sudden just went down. How does that happen? I think these polls are silly, but I’ll vote anyway. Gotta support a guy who deserves to finally make it in this awful boring music industry.

  • Jov

    Voted for David as I both love Fade Into Me and him.

  • Rita

    There is no voice that can beat Adam Lambert’s, and that is the truth.

    • April

      In your opinion, not mine.

  • Sonya (@Soniqueli)

    I voted for Adam Lambert!!

  • kitty

    There is simply no voice as beautiful as Adam Lambert’s

  • Dan

    Lambert wins! Song is stellar pop song.

  • Ajah Littrell

    David should so win!! I hate Adam! i love you david. your so much more talented n sexy!!

    • andy

      Hate is a very strong word. I’m sure David wouldn’t be very proud of you for saying that!I
      I like both guys but Adam is # 1 for me!!

  • somebody

    glamberts dont curr. glamberts got multiple radio polls to vote on. DC is great but not relevant on radio and never has been. keep voting. have it. glamberts dont curr. btikm still wins.

    • Sam

      “DC is great but not relevant on radio and never has been.”

      Guess that’s why Cook’s music is still played on the radio after 3 years.

  • barbls

    I finally get it. You are not going to make this a fair fight. We were up to 57% and you have made it clear you don’t want us to win this. So be it. We are done playing this game!! Glambert’s are not in this anymore!! I love your station, but understand we are not meant to win this. With greatest respect!!!

  • barbls

    Manipulation of votes is the key word. I am sure the station gets exactly what I mean as true voting did not have a chance!! What a sad radio world we live in!

    • Stinger

      I noticed that too……so I stopped voting…

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