Mom Makes 13 Year Old Daughter Wear “I’m A Thief” T-Shirt For Stealing


A 13 year old Louisiana girl was caught stealing a $10 shirt and after she was arrested her mom had to go to the juvenile detention center to pick her up. On the way home, the mom informed her daughter of her punishment…

The mom is making her wear a t-shirt that says

‘Hide your money. Hide your clothes. Hide everything. ‘Cuz I’m A Thief.”

She has to wear it every time she goes out in public until the court proceedings are over! What do you think about this kind of punishment? Is it effective? Too harsh and humiliating? The mom says if you’re going to humiliate me by stealing then I will humiliate you by making you wear your crime on your chest!

I just hope I never have to deal with such a thing!!

Click here to watch the news story… I also got a kick out of the writing on the mom’s t-shirt!

  • DLoweinc

    all of these parenting choices going into the news today… seems weird to me. Is this really newsworthy? Is there an uptick in bizarre punishments because parents don’t know how to punish without being flamboyant or is only public ridicule going to work on reshaping our kids into those with strong moral character?

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