Selena Rushed to LA Hospital

Selena Gomez left St. Pete Beach on Thursday, March 15 and hopped a flight to LA, where she was seen at Cedars Sinai Medical Office. What happened??

We’re not totally sure what sent Selena to the hospital, but we know she’s had issues in the past with iron deficiency and/or high blood pressure. We DO know that she had blood drawn- check out pics HERE!

  • Shell

    what is wrong with the hospitals here?

  • Saku

    What the heck is wrong with you people, she’s a human begin quit bashing on her let those 2 dates selana and beiber you fan’s are so retarded grow up srsly those 2 make a cute couples you girls can find a bf and stop wasting you’re life drooling over Bieber he’s taken so shut up and quit hurting her grow the heck up you freaking girls. Seriously you morons quit hating on her. Here’s a picture girls go outside and meet a bf stop hating on her and grow up in rl. I’d can’t believe these fan girls are so idiot omg imma woman and i don’t act like this over this boy or other actors…I don’t get jealous or anything if i see actors taken im sure they are prefect couple or probably won’t work out that long but i don’t send any threats towards them cause im mature unlike you girls who’s been hating on selena. …Wow i never met idiotic girls in my life.

    • Saku

      Leave those two be. Beside just wait in the future they won’t stay that long but seriously sending her a threat which it’s a immature fan girls.

      • timy

        Me again just let those 2 dates. xD

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