UPDATED: Woman Finds Moldy Tampon [AUDIO]

If you’re a woman, you probably just shuddered thinking about mold in your lady parts. Talk about unsanitary! But that’s what almost happened to Danielle Parr, who blogged about her experience with the defective Kotex tampon. What was even more unbelievable was the initial response she received from Kimberly-Clark Corp., maker of Kotex.

According to a response letter Danielle shared on her blog, she didn’t have anything to worry about:

In instances where [mold] has been found, we conducted tests on the product involved and have found the mold to be a common environmental species that carries no health risk. The vegetative mold is similar in nature to mold on vegetables or in baked goods.

They later sent her a more personalized apology, but we tend to think the damage has already been done…CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.


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