Katy Perry Tells Fans She’s Still Single Via Twitter

Katy Perry’s love life has been under the spotlight this entire week, and the extra exposure on Twitter has only amplified the speculation. Perez Hilton told a Chicago radio station that Katy and her new model boyfriend Baptiste Giabiconi are reportedly taking their relationship to the next level, even though she’s sending mixed messages to her fans.

Perez reported, “Katy Perry has been hanging out with this hot model dude named Baptiste. According to reports, he is moving to Los Angeles or considering a move to be closer to Katy and to help focus on his music career, because he’s a model and he also wants to be a musician.”

Over the weekend, Baptiste tweeted a photo of him and Katy holding each other, which added more fuel to the fire.

Katy quickly went to Twitter to let her fans know that appearances can be deceiving.

Then she tried even harder to convince all of her Katycats that she’s still single by tweeting again on Wednesday.

Considering her recent break-up with Russell Brand and all of the talk about his cheating ways, it’s not surprising that she’s protecting herself from the public. It made it even worse when Katy’s best friend, jewelry designer Markus Molinari, tweeted directly towards Russell about cheating on Wednesday.

Perez expressed his apprehension for Katy’s current situation. “I would be just a little concerned if I was her, that he (Baptiste) might be using her for publicity and all that stuff. However, she should definitely have fun. She deserves to have fun after splitting from Russell Brand. I would just be careful.”

-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago


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