Lil Wayne Stirs Up Controversy With Photoshop

Lil Wayne has been fascinated by Nirvana since first seeing their “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video. In a new clip promoting the new BreadOverBed website, the rapper showcases a piece of art in which a young Wayne replaces the iconic Nevermind baby. 

The video, released by site co-founder DJ Scoob Doo for, features a skateboard-toting Wayne perched between two large framed photographs. On the left Albert Einstein, on the right Nirvana’s Nevermind. But the Nirvana cover art has been altered with an image of Wayne replacing the original.

“This isn’t a movement. What it is is a lifestyle. My lifestyle. Bread Over Bed is fearless, relentless, never quit, never give up, never break, never stop,” he said, describing the site. “Bread Over Bed is the reason why other people think you’re different but the reason why you look in the mirror and understand exactly what you are.”

He pointed to the picture of himself as the Nevermind baby: “Shout out to my N**** Lil Tune,” he said, before grabbing his skateboard and making an exit.   

Wayne has long counted himself among the Cobain loyalists. He has credited “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with being one of the first rock songs that spoke to him.

“I was young and I actually listened to the lyrics,” he told MTV. “And I probably felt at that time that I was rebelling and I could associate myself with that and relate to the things he was talking about and they were speaking about in the song.”

Check out the video here. What do you think about Lil Wayne as the Nevermind baby? Some people weighed in on Twitter.

-Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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