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3 Great Radio Stations Play 98.7 Fans Will Love

Thanks for coming over to Play!  We had a great two years in Tampa Bay.  From our concerts to That Guy Kramer’s underwear broadcast in downtown St. Pete to fun Girls Nights Out at the […]


“That Guy” Kramer Final Show [AUDIO]

Thank you so very much for allowing us, “That Guy” Kramer, Holly, and Miguel, to live our dream and entertain you for the past 12 months in Tampa Bay. Play 98.7 will soon be flipped […]


New Dave Matthews Band [AUDIO]

Dave Matthews Band has a new single out called “Mercy.” It’s off the new album, “Away From The World,” which comes out 9/11/12. The cool thing about this song is that a remix has been […]


Can Hot Women Be Funny? THE RESULTS

Voting is now CLOSED!!! Here are the results: Recently at Comic Con in San Diego, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was asked what it was like to work with Emily Blunt, he sited her ability to make him […]


Can You Cut THIS Wedding Cost? [AUDIO]

Is this the kind of thing you can just use again? She’s hopes so! There’s one “That Guy” Kramer listener who is planning her second wedding. BUT, the cost of the big day is ballooning! […]


He Wanted To Show Her His Collection Of WHAT?! [ADULT CONTENT

If he says “Hang on, my wife is calling,” you can only assume that’s when your date with this guy would be over! There’s a new hashtag on Twitter named #TheDateWasOverWhen… People are venting about […]


American Idol’s New Judges Are… -The Last Ambien Bedtime Story [AUDIO]

In case you don’t know, our Miguel Fuller is on the sleeping pill ambien. If he takes it and doesn’t go right to bed, he has a bad habit of telling these loopy ambien bed […]


Why Does Miguel’s Junk Look Like… [ADULT CONTENT]

Did you make the right decision? Yesterday on the show, we told you that one “That Guy” Kramer listener snapped a really shocking picture of Miguel at this party that was called the “Dance Off […]


But You Never Heard Of THIS Kind Of “Doggy Style!” – Damn! That’s Kinky Girl! [ADULT CONTENT]

I bet your bedroom activities will bore us! After doing this morning show for so many years, we’ve heard of all kind of kinky bedroom activities. Seriously, things that you think are kinky, to us […]


Guess What Was Baked Into THIS Pizza? – Restaurant Red Alert [AUDIO]

You could be eating cockroaches and not even realize it! That’s why once a week, Beau Zimmer from 10 News goes behind the kitchen door of some of your favorite Tampa Bay Restaurant’s to expose […]


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